A Welcome Smile That will keep you coming Back – Moments At Topgan Hotel, Abuja

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A Welcome Smile That will keep you coming Back – Moments At Topgan Hotel, Abuja

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A Welcome Smile That will keep you coming Back is all everyone expect from a standard holiday resort… In my case, It was a crispy day with a little bright light peeping from the cloud and all I could see around me were friends and family running up and around my wife while is stood there wondering when the groom will ever deserve a treat like that the bride gets on a wedding day.

Topgan Hotel, AbujaOh well, it was my wedding day and like the words I hear about weddings and all, I guess mine was different from everyone else because there was this chill I’ve had from the moment I opened my eyes to announce my return from the dream land after the first night with my new crowned Queen, I smiled to the beauty of an amazing POP ceiling design I was staring at for a while and it will surprise you that I took extra time to admire the accurate and tactical designs found everywhere in this exquisite bedroom which was beyond the name it was labeled as. It was a Royal deluxe room which greets you with freshness once you open the door to have a peep, well that is where your mere peep will swiftly be comforted to a full step into this room.

Knock – Knock, I had to return to the boss position as it is that a night in this room can turn anyone to feeling like a king once you are awake. And if you don’t hold yourself up in high esteem, then you won’t figure when you will start doing the Shake Spearman English like the ones you read from Shake-Spear literature text back in high school. Come in please, I open the door to usher a smiling and super beautiful whom I should have mistaken for a miss world but for the Topgan Hotel logo I spotted on her T-Shirt already. I was already beginning to feel special that Miss World was at my wedding.

Good morning Sir, she greeted with the smile not reducing or changing nor was it showing any sign of fakeness which forced the serious man for me to disappear for a while as my cheeks moved from right to right and left to left. I responded to her polite greetings and she continued to asking if we needed any early service in the room but I had to whisper slowly to her ears that my Queen is yet to recover from the comfort of their soft and cozy bed which she immediately gave me that second guess look to get herself right if that was truly me saying that, like I’m accusing the awesomeness of the bed for an act she suspects I am the prime cause which was not a lie either but shall a man do? She smiled and pleaded to return should I make use of the intercom wired to ever corner of the building with a special on beside my bed.

Before she left, she gave a keen advice as she also whispered into my ears saying “should you two get this room on fire, hit the alarm button and start with the fire extinguisher, seems like you two are so hot already”. We both laugh as she walked away but that was no whisper at the end when my Queen called me back to get an extinguisher closer because we were set to burn up the morning again, and this was the routine till our honey moon days met absolute satisfaction.

It’s our last day and our flight back to Los Angeles was just an hour and thirty minutes away but trusts me we wish we didn’t book already because every moment was remarkable and we would never wish the day meet an end anytime soon. As we walked down to the reception and was being ushered to the airport shuttle limousine which the same hotel arrange for our comfortable ride back to the airport. I was wowed and amazed and I just had to take the last minute to appreciate everyone in the hotel and tell them how amazing they all were and how sweet we both felt as newly wedded couples. I wouldn’t have done it best without letting them know how much their smiling faces made us feel at home and for the fact, the smiles alone have endeared me to the hotel and left me promising them that my tip sharing won’t just be this once but every time I am in Nigeria and Abuja precisely, I will make the hotel my second home.
A lesson many other hotel and hospitality experts should learn when it comes to giving their customers and clients the best of all the best treat anytime and any day.

See you when next I visit, and I promise you I will write it all again for you to read just like you are doing now….
To be continued…

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