Holiday Destinations In Abuja – Check Them Out

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Holiday Destinations In Abuja – Check Them Out

Hey guys, Here are few fun holiday destinations in Abuja to chill when you come into town either for rest or on a business trip. Have you got some popcorn with you? Sit back and enjoy…

Note: No particular order.

holiday destinations in abuja- maitama amusement park

  1. Maitama Amusement park: The minute it comes to kids entertainment in Abuja, there are really few places to consider even though a large number of them are springing up each day.

This park is got virtually everything you need to keep your kids entertained with a collection of things to-do, and it doesn’t matter the age of your ward; there is a stuff to do there such as: merry go rounds, swings, restaurants, slides and bumper boats.

Take your kids to Maitama amusement park and see them say thank you, Mom/Dad, for days

holiday destinations in abuja- jabi lake

  1. Jabi Lake: This man-made lake is located between Jabi and Kado districts of Abuja. It is said to be worth about $1.5billion.The environment is so serene and large, and apart from its overwhelming beauty, it’s also capable of generating enormous wealth for Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) if properly maintained.

Did I tell you people also visit the resort for spiritual activities? There are several activities to engage on, such as horse riding which cost around #300, play games, selling of items, food and drinks, etc.

Event planners usually make use of the serene environment because it adds colours to ceremonies, such as wedding and birthday parties. The lakeside is also inexpensive compared to what celebrants pay to unadventurous centres in the city. Night life is also great. At least barbeque is guaranteed for people like me who love to accompany my bottles with some barbeque.

The lake is more attractive than some of the big tourist centres outside Nigeria that rakes in money to their government and boosts their economy.

holiday destinations in abuja- ArtsCraft Village

  1. Abuja Art and Craft: This is another interesting place to be when you are on a visit to Abuja. The art and craft village is situated in the Central Business District, just behind Silverbird Cinema. Entering is absolutely free and it’s usually open by 8 am. There are several things to shop for in the village such as clothing’s, luggage, pieces as the souvenir for decoration and pieces of jewellery.

There are too many carved interesting figures and mask, which some of them may be a little pricey, but it’s worth it. Have you seen FIGURINE by Kunle Afolayan? It speaks volume.

holiday destinations in abuja- silverbird galleria

  1. Silverbird Cinema: Do I have to introduce this to you? It’s located in plot 1161 memorial drive, by Musa Yar Adua centre, central business district, Abuja.  This has become the entertainment and shopping hub in Abuja. The complex has 33,000sq. m retail space. There are lots of international and local fashion outlets right inside the plaza such TM Lewin and Mango.  A couple of restaurants as well.There are 12 screen cinemas, VIP balconies, food court, clothing, supermarket, lifestyles, spa, and entertainment for your consideration. Check it out someday.

holiday destinations in abuja- topgan hotel

  1. Topgan Hotel: If you are looking for the holiday destination in Abuja or a reason for a vacation, then the comfort and serene vicinity of this amazing plus extra affordable hotel in Jikwoyi, Abuja will give you enough reasons to make today that tomorrow you have always been waiting for a sweet getaway. Rooms prices range from as low as NGN5500 with a comfortable restaurant and bar, standby generator and customer satisfaction conscious service staff and waiters. Call in now, book in or visit our website to make a reservation right away…See you soon!!!

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