Good Meal To Compliment A Great Moment – Best Finger Licking Holiday Destinations In Abuja

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Good Meal To Compliment A Great Moment – Best Finger Licking Holiday Destinations In Abuja

Just when we decided to retire on our ultimate search for where is best and suitable for a good meal, we ran into this smiling couple with a visible what we called I.D which made us realize they know better when it comes to where we can have a good meal and smile all the way back home like them.

Okay, the visible I.D earlier mentioned was the toothpick and yes it was that one day I decided to give my Fiancée a feeding treat during one of our visits to Abuja.

I know someone is wondering by now why we had to go through ultimate search for the best food spot in Abuja right? But you see, we were not just searching for a regular food spot but rather we were in search for the best finger licking Holiday destination which carries an embodiment of a serene environment, a comfortable and relaxing restaurant and bar, amazing landscapes, good views, good music, amazing bartenders and above all, a throat wetting meal which was absolutely difficult to locate all along but thanks to the couple who pointed a place we drove by with all hope that it was just a hotel but it ended up that it was just where we have been searching for.

Beyond imaginations, we drove in and we were relieved of the park-well stress as the security offered to help me park my 2016 Mercedes Benz G-Class just where it deserves to be. I felt pampered already and if I was not conscious of the man in me, then I would have been flattered enough to feel like a lady on a second honey moon experience because the treatment had just begun and the waitress was wearing this warm welcome smile making me want to say cheese and take a shot. Trust me when I say that an advert with such smile will sell I million copy in 24hours.

Good news is, I just can’t find the rude as hell kinds of waiters and waitresses here despite my taking things to extreme just to have anyone provoked so as to see the dark side of someone. Oh well, that didn’t go anyway and it was as if everyone working in this resort swore an oath to be nice and always smiling with customers and clients that visit the place.

The music had already swept my fiancée off her foot and as well take us back to when we just met at a popular free to pass garden in my state of origin Akwa Ibom State called Cenotaph but just as it suddenly turned to lovers rendezvous, we decided to rename it to love garden and you won’t have a problem telling any cabman you are heading to the Love garden.

Love Garden, exactly the perfect name I should have given to Topgan Hotel, it resurrects love and gives even the older folks the moments to dance like they used to in the 60s and the 80s.

If this my write up was to be converted into a movie, then at this point, there should be a what we used to call as kids ‘Bad Sound’ to usher our delicious Afang soup and isiewu delicacy into the scene. Remember that sound that follows the coming of the bad man in a movie? Yes! That’s just like it and this will be because a badder meal just stepped into the place and music was erased as we were already sticking out our tongues like the dog named SPIKE in the always thrilling Tom and Jerry cartoons.

“I LOVE YOU”, that was the next thing I heard from my super woman, and just when I started smiling to tell her 1001 things to say I LOVE HER too, it got done on me that she was actually referring to the isiewu that’s was in front of her with a tooth of a goat stained with oil almost falling on her sexy looking dress and as her Superman, I dashed in 2 fingers and grabbed tooth, gave her a kiss and that’s how she said a better ‘I LOVE YOU’ to me with a smile on her face which took me to the reality that I have just made her day and to crown the romantic moment, the few staff of the Hotel watching us gave us a round of applause and a free bottle of Valetta wine and according to the man in charge, he said that we just reminded them that Topgan Hotel is always the best holiday destination in Abuja that unites people, build businesses and friendships as well as re-kindle love among people each time a meal is served.

Well, the memories already make me wish for a comeback hit but sadly my Fiancée is busy attending to health issues and complications in the United State of America where she is serving as one of the best medical doctors the world have ever had. But I am already warming up to book her ticket back here in Abuja by December and if you don’t mind, we can all catch a refreshing moment of bonding at Topgan Hotel where you will do more than licking your fingers on every bite of a meal.

And if you are considering this moment, then drive down to Jikwoyi now or visit for your finger licking experience.

good meal at topgan

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