Why Fork When A Spoon Does It Better – Excusing Table Manners For A Lifetime Meal

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Why Fork When A Spoon Does It Better – Excusing Table Manners For A Lifetime Meal


Often time I ask myself, why do we use fork when a spoon does it better?A recent scene where a beautiful lady of about 30 struggled between fighting table manners and enjoying herself at Topgan Hotel Jikwoyi, Abuja took me back to the days where I used to really wonder the essence of using a fork when using a spoon is better and much comfortable.


Probably you have also been wondering and asking yourself same question right? Everyone does trust me but self-discipline will not really let us all break out of our shell and do the unusual. Of course, everyone wants to wear a crown when it comes to public discipline, but the truth remains that there is always that inner us that feels unsatisfied when not given the room to download a meal just the way it burns in our heart to.

This all started back in high school where we will receive the beatings of our life if one is ever caught eating not properly and with the right cutleries. If you ask me, sometimes I was always so ready for the canning, especially when I really want to have a satisfying meal.

I don’t think it is only me who feel like I eat nothing if I eat a meal with certain inconveniences and the use of fork in some cases can just be as annoying as buying a food and it falls to the ground or just the huge meat falling off the plate to the floor. Yes! So annoying and many times too we feel like just doing away with the whole self-discipline and table manners jargons just to take down a meal as good as we want to. Of course, I have been there and like I will always tell people, it is better not starting what you will likely not be able to sustain to the end and it is better not trying at all when you know it’s not just your thing.

This was the case of my good old friend Terry when we went for a child’s naming reception of a mutual friend at this amazing conference centre inside the same hotel I mentioned earlier which I can’t get the name out of my head anytime soon. It was Topgan International Hotel at the suburb of Jikwoyi in Abuja, Nigeria and after a first taste of the meal we were served, I had to look up the hotel and truly it was listed one of the best holiday destinations in Abuja, Nigeria.

Terry couldn’t wait to download his mouth watering food into all the segments of his stomach, but this was where self-discipline messed with my dear friend as he first struggled his way through eating with a fork instead of the spoon we all know he is best with. Observing like a caring friend would I realized the game will be like the clash of kings when it was time to initiate execution and judgment on the fat lap of chicken that was swelling at one corner of the plate. Just like I was thinking, Terry would switch hands and cutleries a million time just to get it right where will work best for him but well, that never helped.

Trust me it didn’t worth the struggle when it got done on Terry that I was not ready for dramas as I stretched for a Soviet, grabbed my chicken with my hands and ate it like no one cared. And doing this, I just peeved the way for the other two ladies sitting with us to be relieved of the bondage of fighting self discipline as we all smiled and did justice with our hands and when it was time to hit on the rice and salad again, no one remembered we have complete cutleries as our spoons did all the work and aided all the whacking and yummy moments.

For those that won’t understand this, my several eating experiences at this hotel automatically made me understand how that young lady felt and I was almost forced to walk up to her and tell her how much I feel her pain, because it only takes a great meal to put us through that stage where we just want to ask questions like…

Who invented table manners?

And who said we must eat with a fork when a spoon does it better.

Have you ever felt this way?

Folk When a Spoon Does It Better

fork and spoon




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