Cheap Hotels Are Not Affordable And Affordable Hotels Are Not Cheap – Having It All In One

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Cheap Hotels Are Not Affordable And Affordable Hotels Are Not Cheap – Having It All In One

When searching for Cheap Hotels and the best holiday destination in Abuja, I will advise you look beyond the social media hype to the actual facing of reality when it comes to what you want and the experience you crave for. Secondly, bear it in mind that cheap hotels are never affordable; and affordable hotels are never cheap but I’m about introducing you to where you can have it all in one.

It’s okay to give a try just any way, but after an embarrassing moment during one of my visits to Nigeria, I became extra conscious not to get deceived by maybe the good looks of a hotel but rather get acquainted with looking beyond just what the eyes can see when it comes to my happiness, satisfaction and enjoyed value for my money. If you are familiar with lodging around the Jikwoyi axis of Abuja, then you will understand how satisfaction in hospitality can be trickiest.

Driving into the first hotel which I cited as a near heaven, I was disappointed after I requested to see what the rooms look like. Well, it may be okay for some people, but a nice room with a terrible toilet top and bath house is really a turn off for me. So I decided to make the next stop at this cozy looking spot my Google map directed me to for lunch and the experience again was different. I had to eat out of hunger because the fun of eating A Fang soup was absolutely missing.

I am an Akwa Ibom native and Afang soup is like a precious delicacy where I come from, it comes with this feeling of natural sweetness and the aroma won’t leave your consciousness for days. This one was different, I asked the waitress what exactly I was served and she confirmed it was A Fang soup with poundo. What can I say? Nothing at all.

Everything was manageable including the coffee I ordered.

I was already concluding my day was a ruined one and almost regretting my spending. Why can’t I have it all in one? Why can’t I have the luxury of a not cheap Hotel in Abuja but affordable, comfortable accommodation, serene environment with good meals to go with? Of course, I can and it didn’t take me much headache to discover exactly where I can have it all in one. Topgan Hotel saved the day and till date I tell everyone how amazing my experience was at Topgan International Hotel, Jikwoyi in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria.

Rating from the warm welcome, the smiles on the gate man’s face alone gave me the assurance that they are well motivated to deliver the best to customers and clients. My assumptions were all correct and real when I walked into the hotel, I wasted no time to check in as the rooms were on point and appealing… In short, the bed was already calling my name and mattress cuddled me to sleep after a refreshing shower in a bath house with a sparkling white water closet suitable for anyone to have a relaxing meal without being scared to pick a meat from the floor if falls off the plate.

Oops! Not as disgusting as you imagine trust me and you will confirm for yourself I am not just hyping, after all, I don’t own it nor is it any part of my generational inheritance. Did I also tell you about the afang I had in the hotel’s restaurant? It was out of this earth and it took me way back to my mother’s pot in Uyo. Every bite was a finger licking experience and I had to take some pictures of the amazing meals I had at this amazing crowned Holiday destination in Abuja.

I couldn’t wait to give my immediate family and friends a treat at this exquisite hotel. So I arranged from my grandmothers 76th birthday to be celebrated there and without stress and pains the management and staff were all up and doing to ensure the event took the best shape and I couldn’t say enough thank you as their throat wetting meals made me extra proud and happy.

Writing this article was not necessarily intended for me to boast about The numerous treats I give myself but to draw your attention to just a place where all your imaginations are met with no need to say Thank you because it is what they do…

Try it out.

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