A Breathe Of Fresh Air – (When Hospitality Meets Serenity)

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A Breathe Of Fresh Air – (When Hospitality Meets Serenity)

Talking about a Breath Of Fresh Air will have more to do with finding yourself in a living area which has an open floor plan with large windows as well as the upstairs with a spacious master suite complete with fireplace and a balcony like that with an ocean view.

This home poised with freshness is certainly a relaxing retreat for couples, families, or a group of friends. Your stay here will be a wonderful experience with unforgettable sunsets beaming on you and revealing memories you never want to let go.

So, why not enjoy a relaxing evening on the deck with breathtaking Pacific Coast sunsets or you take walk down the state of the art restaurant and bar where meals only get better and better by the minute and you just can’t have enough? Or you can still compliment the evening with your friends and folks toasting to a good life with some bottles of Martini, Vodka etc and oh if alcohol beverages are just another big deal for you then that awesome cup of juice with an umbrella to preserve it unique taste might just be the perfect sweet savor you will crave at a sight of just one cup. And after a well spent evening, you retire into an exquisite luxury room with the comfort of a large bed with a good number of pillows to lay around you if the night gets lonely or a duvet that can bring the fire place warmth back to your nerves when it gets cold while on the hand, you have no worries when you walk in when just the person you love so much to enjoy luxury with, the night will never get old trust me, and how you will pay up for further say will be just miraculous because you will find yourself at a spot where you want to say NO MORE but your words will fail and you will just have to say… MUCH MORE PLEASE because there is nothing better in life like being just where you want to be.

Being in a place that takes you far from your worries, a sight at once is enough to heal your depressions and usher you a healthier living day by day.

How can I let go a place like this which reminds me of all my amazing moments at the Bahamas, Vegas and Tripoli and how can I not consider a place like this in my budget every time a visit to Nigeria comes into my head nor will I look further to any place whenever I step my feet on the rocky soil of Abuja? So many questions to find an answer within seconds but it is not about the questions in my head but the one answer we all have to tell the truth is that a holiday destination with an absolute breath of fresh air can be so much to ask for but not so far-fetched once you drive into the Jikwoyi axis of Abuja, Nigeria and why you don’t have to wander everywhere searching will be because there is a place you can always count on anytime and any day and as fair as life can be, this amazing place is just a dial away and a click close when you visit www.topganhotel.com.

Pheeew, I feel okay now and I just realized how good it feels sharing your love to people without holding any bit of it back. And now that I have shared this with you, don’t make it a secret, go ahead and share it with the world around you, tell a friend to tell another friend that there is a place that is so blessed with peace of mind, good music, smiling faces and above all, A BREATHE OF FRESH AIR which we all crave for whenever we consider walking into a hotel or any holiday destination.

You also deserve the best…breath of fresh air

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