“While at Topgan, enjoy losing weight, as we prepare for you healthy and delicious recipes, food that your body needs. Do not wait until you reach your destination to feel good, remember you just home again. Take your time and enjoy yourself, relax much as you can from your stress and make the most of your day.”

Where we are

Topgan International Hotel is strategically located and accessible along the Nyanya-karshi Expressway Immediately after Rodina Event center,opposite the Total filling station and before Ave maria school jikwoyi Abuja.

How to get to the hotel
From the Nyanya overhead brigde, drive right heading toward Karu market,with these landmarks as pointers; CBN junction, Fidelity bank, Jikwoyi phase 2 junction which is the main and last junction before the property (Pass Rodina on the right ) then turn right at kilometer 18 (where a directional sign points ) and there your destination is, a serene quiet property on the right,over looking the jikwoyi hills.

Our Facilities Tour

A tour of our facilities, showing what we can offer you. Your stay while at Topgan will surely be one to remember. Our rooms are spacious,fully air conditioned and cozy, giving you the right atmosphere for relaxation.